Saturday, October 6, 2007

Basic Linking strategies, in order of importance

Here is the list of few basic important strategies :

1. First and foremost, build a content rich site.
2. Contact other sites that have the same scope as yours and ask for a reciprocal link.Make sure you have already linked to them. If you build a site that is content rich, informative, and above all else has unique content, then all your peers will approach you asking for a link.
3. Getting your site listed at Yahoo is one of the best links you can get. Do the research necessary to find the most appropriate category and get that title and description optimized.
4. Find out which of specialty SE's and directories that best suit to your site and submit your site to them.
5. Identify useful linkages, that is identify as per your industry and make link groups for your potential link parteners: e.g. realtors, travel and tourism, technology companies.
6. Create links or resources pages in plain html.
7. Make a list of at least 50 related but non-competing, high quality content sites with a high Google PageRank that you would like to exchange links with by doing the following: Download Google toolbar ( to be able to check PageRank grading for these sites. Do searches on Google for relevant keywords that will show search results displaying sites that relate to your own site, but make sure these sites are not direct competitors.

Your homepage is not the only page of your site that you can get links . If you offer an online newsletter, there are directories just for newsletters you can get links from. If your site has multimedia files, there are multimedia search engines and you should submit there also. If you have other files, like .pdf files or even image files, there are search engines you can get links from there also.ex URLwire

Link building – most effective method in “off-page” optimization

Nowadays, in search engine optimization off-page factors are becoming more and more important. Link building is considered as strongest method to break a site with search engines.
Link building is to get maximum number of incoming links that are pointing to our site. These incoming links should be from quality sites.Besides the link popularity you gain by getting an authoritative site to link to you, you also gain additional visibility for your Web site. So, when working on building link popularity, don't forget those two basic reasons for requesting links. However this is most difficult and time consuming aspect of search engine marketing. Link popularity is the most difficult areas in search engine optimization, because search engines ignore artificial links and even penalize sites for using unauthentic ways like spamming.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

RSS Feeds For Website Promotion

Rss feed has emerged as great tool for reaching out our potential customers, readers and business partners. The greatest benefit is that you don’t get banned as spammer as in email marketing. As rss is rich site summary, it carries short information about site. Those who subscribes it gets message when ever there is anything new on site. Using rss you are sure your information is distributed is received by your targeted people. It helps in website promotion; it boosts your site traffic. Using RSS, your visitors can decide exactly what kind of content they are looking for and then have that content delivered directly to them, via their own personalized RSS feed.
100% scope of reaching your clients. - The biggest benefit of rss feeds is the 100% surety of reaching your client, so resulting in conversion, hence resulting in business growth.
Improving in search engine ranking - Rss feeds bring traffic to site resulting in improving search engine ranking. The content of rss feed can be made using your site targeted keywords, hence improving your website ranking in search engines. As the authors keep on updating that is adding fresh content to your site, and the freshness of content also helps in improving your site ranking. The fresh content attracts the bots a lot and increase in visits of crawlers. The number of keywords hyper linked to your site in the content, increases the count of back links and that too helps in ranking. Getting content published on different sites, which increases more exposure to your site.

Increase in traffic - More and more spreading of our content on web results in getting more fresh traffic. The improved search engine ranking brings in a lot of traffic.

Increase in sales- Using rss feeds you can increase your site sales by getting your customers to subscribe to an RSS feed on the latest products you offer. And when a customer subscribes for your rss feeds, will be well informed about your products new launches etc. Keeping in touch with customer helps in boosting your sales, as the customer will not be distracted.

RSS Feed is really a very good way to promote your side,hope you get good exposure through feeds.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Want your site to be globally recognized? Go for article marketing

Article submission is a very efficient way of getting your site globally recognized; it’s the way of showcasing your site to the world with link back to your site. Article marketing or article syndication is a way of promoting products and services.
Now question arises how do we do this? We just need to look out for article directories; there are a lot of directories on web for article submission. These directories need to register and give pen name in return you get credit for the article. The most important thing is resource box present in these article submission directories not only provides link to your site but also gives you as an author to speak about yourself.
Importance of article submission in search engines optimization can’t be ignored as they provide back links and hence influence search engines algorithms. In search engines content is king, article submission writing content about the field in which your site operates helps in boosting your site.Html links and the content in the resource ensures you get maximum benefit from search engines, and also get targeted traffic that is visitors to your site through the back links. Though article submission is time consuming job but it gives a wide exposure to your site hence resulting in good traffic, conversion rate too. According to me while planning to optimize a site for search engines one should never ignore the importance of article syndication.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Directory Submission Guide

As discussed earlier directory submission plays a very important role in search engine optimization of a site. Question arises how can we categorize them and which one are the best to be approached. Here I would try to differentiate directories .

1. Human maintained - These are basic directories made on traditional pattern edited by human editors .These directories have very slow process of approval but these are well maintained and properly categorized. As these directories have strict submission rules, the quality is really very good. Though human maintenance is very laborious and time consuming but Dmoz , Yahoo and many other directories are there .While planning to optimize your site you cant ignore the importance of these directories.

2. User categorized - These are same as human edited but here the site owner decides which category he wants his site to be listed. This reduces the director editor’s work
These directories also give satisfactory results.

3. User classified- Sites are classified on keywords, the site owner has to submit the meta tags and keywords while submitting site. Most of these directories are having automated process so low and easy maintenance. While submitting site to this type of directories you should choose most popular keywords because if you use some uncommon combination would result in less visitor reaching your site. Best known example for these types of directories is Exactseek.

Criteria for selecting directories -

  1. Analyze on your own by making searches in directory using different keywords and if the results are relevant as per your search that means directory is properly categorized.
  2. Inbound Traffic – The Alexa index is the most popular for traffic measure. You just need to download and install Alexa toolbar and you can select the directories getting real traffic. Don’t merely go for high ranking but prefer directories having heavy traffic measure. It can be compiled this way higher the inbound result to directory more would be outbound links.
  3. Search engine scanning – Check whether the directory is indexed or not .You can do this by just putting the url of directory in google’s search box. The directory should be cached and with no supplement result pages.
  4. Site’s ranking - You need to check out your sites location in the particular category. The listing should be in first 30-40 sites , if listed on 4 or 5 th page you cant expect visitors to go down so many pages and look for your link.
  5. Robots - Make sure that the directory you are submitting link to should not have robot disallowed.
  6. Loading time – The page loading should be fast as slow loading pages divert the visitors.
  7. Free submission – Always go for free directory submissions, and never go for paid and reciprocal link exchanging directories.

Every directory provides with guidelines, follow them properly .Target mostly for free and search engine friendly directories.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Directory Submission: Importance in Seo and Traffic building

In earlier days mostly user turned to directories for making web searches. Yahoo was basically a directory, grew to be a strong guide for others. The success of yahoo motivated a lot of people to start directories. They hired human editors for categorizing and maintaining directories.
But situation has changed now; search engines are used more than directories. This has resulted in closing down of few directories and few of them trying to make their position in this search engines culture.
In spite of all this why every next day we hear of new directories launch? I would try to analyze how these directories are helping us in seo and traffic building.

What’s the need to submit site to directory?
There are two major reasons for this firstly targeted traffic and secondly link popularity.

Targeted traffic- Even though directories are not the primary source for traffic but they provide with targeted traffic. You know sometimes search results don’t give the required results as per your requirement. So you may have a lot of visitors but not potential customers. We can say all the visitors are not potential consumers for your products; as a result low conversion rates. Conversion rate is what we want than just mere visitors.
Whereas the visitors coming through directories are mostly the potential customers as they exactly know what they are looking for. Directories being manually maintained guarantees conversion from visitors by providing them the exact results as per their requirements. Mostly directories have a proper tree categorization making it easier to browse through for visitors.

Link Popularity-Mostly directories are maintained by human editors, whereas search engines follow mechanical algorithms. Nowadays these directories with billions of pages are used as database by major search engines.
The search engines crawlers or boots consider links as a vote for site, more the links –more votes. However links from relevant pages gives more benefit than from non relevant. When Google added link popularity to its algorithm the search result came out more accurate as compared to earlier. And other search engines have also started doing same.

Hence we can say directory submission plays a vital role in traffic building.